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Slide for kids

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💙 Rope connector 13 mm (1 set: 2 pieces) Rope Connector 13 mm (1 set: 2 pieces) - 12 units


Children's climbing rope swing with platform


💙 Gymnastics rings for children


Gymnastics Rings Trapeze Swing



You can find the perfect climbing wall for the children's room at Rinagym!

climbing triangle accessories

Rinagym is the ultimate place for any parent who wants to experience rock climbing at home. With a wide range of accessories and climbing triangles, Rinagym is the perfect choice for children of all ages. With the right equipment, children can improve their climbing skills and develop their agility and strength. And all of this in a safe and controlled environment that can be placed in your child's bedroom.

Climbing for kids - why it's so important

Climbing is a great way for kids to develop their skills and confidence. It's a great physical activity that encourages kids to push their limits and build their muscles and endurance. In addition, climbing promotes focus and confidence, and provides a safe environment for children to learn new skills.

The right climbing accessories for the children's room

playground accessories

To make climbing a special experience for children, Rinagym offers a large selection of climbing accessories and holds . The handles are available in different sizes and shapes to develop children's skills and give them an extra challenge. In addition, Rinagym has a large selection of climbing triangles that offer children a variety of opportunities to improve their climbing talent.

Why order from Rinagym?

Not only the best place to buy climbing accessories and triangles, but we also offer an unbeatable price and fast delivery in Germany and Berlin. With Rinagym you can be sure that you are getting the best possible quality and price. If you are looking for special climbing accessories, you should definitely take the chance and drop by Rinagym. Here you will not only find handles for climbing walls, but also great accessories for the children's room. Order now and benefit from the low prices and fast delivery times.