Height 600-800 mm

Slide for kidsSlide for kids

Slide for kids

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€89,00 €99,00
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Price on - Height 600-800 mm in Berlin, Germany

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💙 Rinagym Step Triangle - Indoor Climbing Ladder with Ramp Slide - Collapsible Wooden Frames for Kids, Activity Equipment for Improving Balance - Water-Based Paint & Lacquer, Safety Lock - 50kg Capacity (Aslide)


Climbing wall for children 2 in 1 - Climbing frame with Swedish climbing wall made of wood with 4 parts: a jumper, a net, gymnastic rings, a Swedish ladder. Indoor climbing frame for toddlers (5P5P7S5P+WHITE)


💙 Rinagym Climbing Triangle - Indoor ladder with climbing net - Collapsible wooden indoor climbing frame for children, promotes balance - Water-based paint & varnish, safety lock - 50 kg load capacity (5s5g5s)


Rutsche für Kinder



The ideal height for your climbing triangle - height 600 mm or 800 mm?

If you are looking for a climbing triangle for your child, you will quickly find that there is one variety of providers. But how do you choose the right climbing triangle? An important consideration is the height of the triangle. For smaller children aged 1-3 years a height of 600mm is ideal, while older children aged 4-6 years can benefit from an 800mm high climbing triangle. At Rinagym you will find a large selection of climbing triangles in different sizes.

Why a climbing triangle is a must for every child's room

Climbing is not only a great physical activity, but it also helps to develop motor skills and coordination. A climbing triangle is an ideal way to keep your child active while promoting their physical and mental development. Climbing on a triangle can also help improve balance and boost your child's confidence. At Rinagym you will find a wide selection of climbing triangles in different sizes and designs.

A climbing triangle can also help build a community of parents and children by giving children the opportunity to play and learn together.

Buy your climbing triangle at Rinagym

Quality at a reasonable price When you are looking for a climbing triangle for your child, you should go with a supplier you can trust. Rinagym is a leading provider of climbing triangles and other climbing equipment for children. With us you will find a wide selection of climbing triangles in various sizes and designs at reasonable prices. We only use high quality materials to ensure our products are safe and durable. Order today and benefit from our fast delivery times and excellent customer service.