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Safety is a priority
Safety is a priority
Our children's toys are made of high-quality wood and painted with solvent-free, water-based paints and varnishes to ensure maximum safety for children.
Montessori inspires
Montessori inspires
Many of our products are designed according to Montessori principles and promote children's independence and self-learning skills.
Proven quality
Proven quality
Our products are officially tested and certified with the EC mark, which confirms their high quality and compliance with safety standards.
Prices from the manufacturer
Prices from the manufacturer
Rinagym is a direct manufacturer of climbing toys for children, which enables us to offer competitive prices without intermediaries.
Innovatives Design
Innovatives Design
Our products combine modern design with functionality, promote children's development and enrich their play experience.
Guarantee of durability
Guarantee of durability
We offer products that have been rigorously tested for strength and durability to ensure a long service life.

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💙 Rinagym Triangle Climbing Ladder for Kids - Foldable Wooden Indoor Gym and Playground - Wood Climber Steps, Play Net - Activity Centre for Children - Holds Up to 60kg Weight (pine)


Rinagym Climbing Triangle - Indoor ladder with slide - Collapsible wooden indoor climbing frame for children, promotes balance - Water-based paint & varnish, safety lock - 50 kg load capacity (3p7g9s+slide)


💙 RINAGYM Gymnastics Play Set for Kids - Wooden Indoor & Outdoor Jungle Gym - Wall & Monkey Bars, Pole, Gymnastic Rings, Climbing Rope, Removable Beam, Swedish Ladder, Swing- Children 2yrs & Up (Sport 2)


Climbing wall for children - indoor wooden climbing frame, wall bar, bar, gymnastic rings, climbing rope, removable beam, Swedish ladder, slide (Kombi 3)



Natural colors for a beautiful children's room

When it comes to furnishing a children's room, choosing the right colors is of great importance. Using natural colors like those found in products is a great way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. With the colors of nature you can create a peaceful and harmonious ambience for your child.

A climbing frame in natural colors

Children love to climb and play. With a natural color climbing frame, you can provide your child with a safe and fun toy. The climbing frames from are available in different sizes and colors and offer many possibilities for playing and discovering. The natural colors of the climbing frames fit perfectly into every child's room and blend in seamlessly with the environment.

Climbing holds in natural colors

The climbing holds are an essential part of a climbing frame and give your child additional opportunities to climb and play. At you will find a large selection of climbing holds in natural colors that will offer your child an unforgettable play experience. The handles are easy to assemble and fit perfectly in any child's room.

  • Climbing for kids
  • Climbing in the children's room
  • Colored climbing holds

Natural Climbing walls

A climbing wall is a great way to teach your child to climb while improving their motor skills. At you will find a selection of climbing walls in natural colors that fit perfectly into every child's room. These climbing walls offer many opportunities for play and discovery and ensure hours of fun.

Accessories in natural colors

To improve your child's climbing experience, offers a wide range of accessories in natural colors. From slide boards to swings, there are many ways to expand the jungle gym and make it even more fun. The accessories are easy to attach and offer your child additional opportunities for play and discovery.