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Safety is a priority
Safety is a priority
Our children's toys are made of high-quality wood and painted with solvent-free, water-based paints and varnishes to ensure maximum safety for children.
Montessori inspires
Montessori inspires
Many of our products are designed according to Montessori principles and promote children's independence and self-learning skills.
Proven quality
Proven quality
Our products are officially tested and certified with the EC mark, which confirms their high quality and compliance with safety standards.
Prices from the manufacturer
Prices from the manufacturer
Rinagym is a direct manufacturer of climbing toys for children, which enables us to offer competitive prices without intermediaries.
Innovatives Design
Innovatives Design
Our products combine modern design with functionality, promote children's development and enrich their play experience.
Guarantee of durability
Guarantee of durability
We offer products that have been rigorously tested for strength and durability to ensure a long service life.

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Product Name


💙 RINAGYM Gymnastics Play Set for Kids


Climbing wall for children - indoor wooden climbing frame, wall bar, bar, gymnastic rings, climbing rope, removable beam, Swedish ladder, slide (Kombi 3)


💙 RINAGYM Gymnastics Play Set for Kids - Wooden Indoor & Outdoor Jungle Gym


RINAGYM Gymnastics Play Set for Kids - Wooden Indoor & Outdoor Jungle Gym - Wall & Monkey Bars, Pole, Gymnastic Rings, Climbing Rope, Removable Beam, Swedish Ladder, Swing, Slide - Children 2yrs & Up (Kinder 3 white)



Looking for a way to encourage your child to climb?

swedish wall

A climbing wall is a great option! This can be fixed in the children's room or in the kindergarten and offers children the opportunity to improve their motor skills and self-confidence. There are many different types of climbing walls and there are a few factors you should consider before choosing a climbing wall, which we will explore further in this article.

At a glance, there are some popular climbing walls and accessories to consider. Wall bars are a simple but effective option. However, if you are specifically looking for a climbing wall for children, you should take a look at Rinagym's climbing walls. These are available in different sizes and designs and can be combined with different climbing holds and fastening materials.

Choosing the right climbing holds

Choosing the right climbing holds is particularly important. These should be specially developed for children's hands and have an appropriate grip. Another important factor is the attachment of the climbing holds. These must be securely attached to the wall to avoid accidents. The fastening material should therefore be selected carefully.

A climbing wall offers many additional possibilities. Children can improve their motor skills, boost their self-confidence and promote their physical fitness.It's also a great way to keep your kids away from screens and encourage physical activity.

However, there are also some important security considerations to be aware of. A climbing wall should only be used by children who are old enough and have the physical ability to climb safely. It is also important that the climbing wall is properly installed and maintained to avoid injury.

A climbing wall for your child's room or kindergarten

climbing wall children's room

Buying a climbing wall for your child's room or nursery is easier than ever. You can order online at Rinagym, a leading provider of climbing walls and accessories at great prices. With fast delivery and a dedicated customer service team based in Berlin, Germany, you can rest assured that you are finding the best option for your child. Invest in your children's future and give them a climbing wall!

Rinagym is a leading supplier of climbing walls and accessories in Germany. The range includes a variety of products that are specially tailored to the needs of children. The products are available in different sizes and colors and are offered at reasonable prices. The delivery takes place quickly and reliably directly to your home.

All in all, a climbing wall is an ideal way to encourage children in a playful way and to improve their motor skills.With a wide range of accessories and a secure attachment, the climbing wall can be individually adapted. Rinagym offers a large selection of high-quality products at reasonable prices and fast delivery throughout Germany.


Frequently asked questions about climbing walls

🌈 How much does a wall bars cost in Germany?

Rinagym wall bars from €164.72.

🏆 How old can you be Wall bars for children?

The children's climbing wall can be used by children from 2 years of age under the supervision of an adult.

📢 Wooden climbing wall is fitness for children or adults?

Our climbing walls can be used by both adults and children, but children must be supervised by an adult.