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Safety is a priority
Safety is a priority
Our children's toys are made of high-quality wood and painted with solvent-free, water-based paints and varnishes to ensure maximum safety for children.
Montessori inspires
Montessori inspires
Many of our products are designed according to Montessori principles and promote children's independence and self-learning skills.
Proven quality
Proven quality
Our products are officially tested and certified with the EC mark, which confirms their high quality and compliance with safety standards.
Prices from the manufacturer
Prices from the manufacturer
Rinagym is a direct manufacturer of climbing toys for children, which enables us to offer competitive prices without intermediaries.
Innovatives Design
Innovatives Design
Our products combine modern design with functionality, promote children's development and enrich their play experience.
Guarantee of durability
Guarantee of durability
We offer products that have been rigorously tested for strength and durability to ensure a long service life.

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💙 Rinagym Triangle Climbing Ladder for Kids - Foldable Wooden Indoor Gym and Playground - Wood Climber Steps, Play Net - Activity Centre for Children - Holds Up to 60kg Weight (pine)


Rinagym Triangle Climbing Ladder for Kids - Foldable Wooden Indoor Gym and Playground - Wood Climber Steps, Double-Sided Slide Ramp, Play Net - Activity Centre for Children - Holds Up to 60kg Weight (white)


💙 Rinagym Climbing Triangle - Indoor ladder with slide - Collapsible wooden indoor climbing frame for children, promotes balance - Water-based paint & varnish, safety lock - 50 kg load capacity (3p7g9s+slide)


Multifunction Playground, Children's Climbing Frame, Indoor Wooden Playground for Children, Solid Wood for Toddlers (3, white)



The perfect play equipment for little climbers

Climbing net for children's rooms - A great way to give your child more exercise and adventure! With a climbing net children can improve their physical fitness and develop their motor skills. The climbing net can be easily attached to the wall or ceiling in the children's room and thus offers a special opportunity for your child to climb playfully.

The climbing net is a great addition to a climbing frame or climbing wall. By adding additional climbing holds to the net, children can have even more climbing fun and improve their skills.

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  • Climbing frame
  • Climbing wall

Advantages of a climbing net in the children's room

The climbing net is also a great way to brighten up and give an extra touch to the children's room. There are different colors and sizes to choose from to perfectly match the climbing net to your child's room. It can also be a great addition to other toys and furnishings your child already has.

The climbing net is an important investment in your child's health and development. However, it is important to buy a quality climbing net that is safe and stable. At Rinagym you can buy the highest quality climbing net at a great price.The company also offers the option of ordering climbing holds and the climbing net in one package.

RINA Gym: Order cheap and get it delivered quickly

Rinagym is a Germany-based company that offers high quality products for the children's room. The company attaches great importance to the safety and quality of its products and offers its customers fast and reliable delivery within Germany. If you are looking for a safe and high-quality climbing net for your child, then Rinagym is the best choice.


Frequently asked questions about Climbing net

🌈 Where can I buy quality climbing nets for playgrounds?

On the website you can buy high-quality climbing nets for playgrounds.

🏆 Are there special climbing nets for play towers and where can you buy them?

There are special climbing nets for play towers, which you can also find at

📢 Which climbing nets are best for children and where can you find them?

Climbing nets with a child-friendly design and safety features are particularly suitable for children. You can also find such climbing nets on the website